Hello, I'm Megan C. Farrell, JD MBA

After a successful career in the higher education and nonprofit sectors, I am now focused on developing leaders, departments, and individuals in mission-driven organizations through customized training and one-on-one coaching.

My career path has included the fields of law, business, nonprofit, and education. My passion for education has led me to pursue various degrees (BA, JD, MBA) and certifications (Mentor Coaching, Yoga Instructor) and seek opportunities to work closely with universities, colleges, and nonprofits with educational missions.

My diverse experience includes various leadership positions:
• University Counsel, Title IX Coordinator, and Nonprofit Program Director
• Counsel to educational institutions on diversity, inclusion, and litigation/risk management
• Executive Director of nonprofit and for-profit education company
• Trainer on legal compliance topics, including Title IX

I am a recognized expert and frequent speaker on education and nonprofit management and compliance.

Today, I consult with educational institutions, nonprofits, and individuals on the challenges keeping them from achieving results. Through group and individual programs, I facilitate the process to develop leaders and drive change.


Assess your current situation, identify the leadership and management challenges, and address them in a customized solution that works best with your organization’s culture.

To learn more about my background, see my Resume or view my full Curriculum Vitae.



• Customize compliance training programs

• Analyze failing operations across departments, schools, and districts and create viable, cost-efficient solutions

• Evaluate and recommend steps to achieve legal and regulatory compliance

• Serve as external placement consultant and/or interim for open positions


• Align mission and operations

• Improve team performance

• Customize leadership development programs for Board, executives, and other employees

• Establish evaluation process for programs and analyze results for donors and other stakeholders


• Coach executives, administrators, and board members to improve performance and address operational dysfunction

• Develop platform skills for executives and leadership teams

• Assess leadership acumen and enhance needed skills

• Transition executives to new pursuits that align with values